Tracks of Giants

Video: The Ending & Beginning

Tracks of Giants: The Ending & Beginning from The WILD Foundation on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you for such a beautiful highlight of this, amazing, journey.
    Thank you for calling the world’s attention to the danger to happen in the Mozambique coast.
    Thank you all

  2. The complexities you spoke about in your Wild Psychology presentation can feel like a tsunami of obstacles of various degrees of seriousness. Is there a groundswell of influence that can be used to change the hearts of those individuals who make the deals, who profit from the deals both here and with the new bunch of international colonisers and profiteerers. While they operate without any boundaries are we just like a tick on a cow’s back – just an irritant. Sorry to be so hopeless sounding but sometimes it feels like that. It was an amazing journey you undertook and everything has an influence at this time in humanity’s unfolding but I feel like Im one of the converted and those that need to hear have closed ears and hard hearts.

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