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Tracks of Giants

Project Sponsors

TRACKS is a project of:


The Wilderness Foundation believes in sustainable social intervention projects, and the power of the wilderness to dissolve ethnic and economic inequalities and forge one path toward social and environmental sustainability. The Foundation is a project-driven conservation and leadership organisation, which aims to encourage, plan and protect wild lands and wilderness, uplift the knowledge and lives of citizens and stimulate an environmental ethos among current and future leaders. The Wilderness Foundation envisages a world that has sufficient intact natural ecosystems and wilderness areas that are valued and effectively protected for the benefit of all species.


The WILD Foundation is an international conservation organization that started in Southern Africa in the 1960s and has been based in the US since 1974. Through Nature Needs Half,  it works to create a social and professional movement to protect and interconnect half of the Earth’s lands and seas in order that human communities and all life on Earth can prosper.  With field projects and policy initiatives in many countries, its flagship project is the World Wilderness Congress (WWC), the world’s longest running, international, public conservation project.  “WILD10” is underway in Europe and will culminate in the 10th WWC in Salamanca, Spain, October 2013.


Many thanks to our project sponsors for making the Tracks of Giants expedition possible!