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Tracks of Giants

Expedition Photo Gallery

*Please note: These images are available for public education & informational media purposes. For use of this material, all images must be copyrighted by The WILD Foundation and The Wilderness Foundation, South Africa. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Photos from the field

The team finishes up the Wilderness Leadership School trail and starts off the biking portion.





Horuseb River Valley

From the beach east, back to Purros, 3 days…documenting the stories of local conservationists, fixing blistered feet, laying up in the shade during the heat; 86 km later arriving for a beer back at Purros camp!




Hiking the Skeleton Coast

Starting off in the dark and mist, 14 km south along the coast to the mouth of the Horuseb River.





Driving to Rocky Point

Driving from Purros to Rocky Point, across the Skeleton Coast. We stopped to slide down the “singing dunes,” and finally arrived to Rockey Pt where fur seals were fishing by their hundreds in the surf, cormorants were flying. Not to mention how cold it was!



Ready to Launch!

The team has assembled and is ready for the May 1st launch at Rocky Point!





The People of TRACKS

Permanent Tracks of Giants team at the expedition launch on May 1, 2012! The first sector was a “Wilderness Leadership School” trail, 4 days of hiking with no back up, group of 11 people, including 5 local conservationists and one Jack Russell!