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Tracks of Giants

Quotes from the back up crew

Quotes from the back up crew

Mandla Buthelezi

I am so glad and humble to be part of the back up crew in these different countries that I have never visited or been to before. It is a solid group dimension and everybody is enjoying themselves without any problems. I like the way that people interact with the animals living together without killing or poaching them, so much that it made a huge impact on my life and I can’t put it in words … and I am sad to leave the group as my turn is coming to an end I have to let go, but an end is a beginning of new things …


Johnny Frankiskos

After months of anticipation, once we met in Windhoek it all became real.

Enjoyed meeting people like Chris and his dog Tier, Garth Owen Smith and Margie. Both these people are so humble and have such a wealth of knowledge that they shared. Was enriching for me to be able to learn so much from them.

Sleeping in the open every night gives one time to reflect on the issues we face as man continuously erodes the natural wilderness around him.

I struggle with the way in which the western world is changing the lives of the indigenous people. I think they are losing their culture and roots as they strive to become westernised. We do so much to preserve wildlife and the landscape, yet we destroy peoples’ cultures as we in some ways we force education on them – western education. The dynamics of the team has and is teaching me a lot about human interaction in confined living – we live on top of each other. We are all different and yet we are all making compromises to make the journey work.

I enjoy the cycling participation and look forward to the kayak leg.

Miss my family and think we should have had a better system in place to keep them informed of progress. Am starting to ‘smell the roses’ – and enjoy the ride.


Anton Kruyshaar

Knowing what a privilege it is for me to be on an expedition like this, I jumped at the opportunity… nevertheless I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I was in for lots of work and a whole lot of adventure.

Being Mr Everything (cameraman, cook, backup driver, bicycle mechanic and, and, and) was initially very stressful, but with time I realized that I was part of a team and that the others are more than willing to help. And once we had all found our place everything ran extremely smooth. Even though we all come from different backgrounds, ages and phases of life, we all get on very well and over the whole trip there have been surprisingly no fall outs; no one has thrown their toys out of the cot. Adding to this, all logistics, bikes and cars are running well. So, what began for me as an epic adventure has grown into a great learning experience.”


Frank Raimondo

Dust, dust and more dust. Magnificent landscapes which only Africa can produce … wide open plains, arid and rocky but haunting is their magnificence. Such a variety of trees! Have seen many animals ranging from the mighty elephants to the tiny dung beetle, galloping springbok and oryx, lion in Etosha and cheetah. Wonderful people we have met along the way, Garth and Margie Owen Smith, both giants in their fields, plus many others especially Chris Bakkes and his dog Tier.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the walkers/cyclists to arrive. Thank God for my kindle! Thank goodness no accidents to date and all members being well. Oh for a shower. I look forward to the next lap after the swamps.

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