Tracks of Giants

Meet the permanent team on the May 1st launch!

Meet the permanent team on the May 1st launch!
  1. Ian McCallum— (68) Cape Town.
  2. Sharon McCallum— Ian’s wife, Tracks Operations Manager; handles key logistics and is essential  to everything!
  3. Ian Michler— (52) Plettenberg Bay, SA. Ian’s partner Tessa van Schalk and their 4 year old son, Liam were also present at the launch camp.
  4. Frank Raimondo— (73) Cape Town. Director of the Peace Parks Foundation, retired businessman, volunteer.  Frank has supplied the “Green Machine” as one of the backup vehicles. He drives, helps all logistics and even provides harmonica music at key times!
  5. John Frankiskos— (58) South Africa.  Retired businessman in Durban. Volunteers for the expedition by driving the Avis-provided backup vehicle. He quietly knows everything about the most essential stuff…mechanics, electrics, engineering.
  6. Mandla Buthelezi —(40) Durban. Wilderness Leadership  School, Director of Trails.
  7. Anton Kruyshaar— (20) Cape Town. Volunteers on the back up team for Tracks on a university gap year.  Mr. Everything works as an assistant cameraman, cook, organizer.
  8. Christian Bakkes—Namibia. Works at Wilderness Safaris. Chris is a historian, naturalist and author of 6 published books.
  9. “Tier” (Afrikaans for Tiger)— (7) Jack Russell Terrier who lost an eye to a hyena he charged! Tier always with Chris Bakkes and did the entire WLS trail (of course!)
  10.  Festus MBinga— (44) Namibia. Wilderness Safaris, Game Ranger Training.
  11. Nick Chevalier— (58)  Cape Town. Cameraman, producer, runner.
  12. John K. Kasaona— (41) Namibia. Executive Director of Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation.
  13. Robbin Uatokuuta—(34) Namibia.  Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation
  14. Jerome R Mukuvu—(22) Student and rugby player for the University of Namibia.
  15. Boas Hambo— (32) Namibia. Conservancy Safaris.
  16. Vance G. Martin— (62) President of The WILD Foundation. Was on the first week of the expedition and the WLS trail.

 > Photos of the permanent team!


  1. Go Vance & fellow TRACKERS!

    Perry & I are following your progress here on our Floating Rehab with great pride, in knowing the amazing collective Good Works you all represent, and with envy, wishing we were at your side on this journey. I will send you a pic of Perry “walking” in her walker on our dock wearing your WILD cap to spur you all along. As we know, all things are possible!

    As Perry tends to catch the eye of our summer visitors when wheeling past with great determination around the smooth sidewalks of Cavallo Point, perhaps I might fashion a wheelchair sign, Ck Out http://WWW.TRACKSOFGIANTS.ORG, so our visiting tourists can learn of your TRACK as well. One step at a time, seems to work for GIANTS and those that respect them.

    Our best to all on your Journey. C&P

  2. …and so it begins…happy tracks.

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