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Tracks of Giants

Duma Tau

Duma Tau

Duma Tau is a Wilderness Safaris lodge in the Linyanti Concession which is in north east Botswana. The Duma Tau staff has been amazing and hosted our Tracks team for two days and nights (and even greeted the team with a tray of beers and lunch as they were arriving up the channel!). One night was spent at the Duma Tau camp, and the next was with Grant Woodrow, MD for Wilderness Safaris Botswana. We are extremely grateful to all at Wilderness Safaris in Botswana and in all the countries that Tracks is traversing.

We received these photos from Nic Proust of Wilderness Safaris who was at Duma Tau conducting work for the Environmental Department of Wilderness Safaris. Nic happened to be at Duma Tau when the Tracks team arrived and said, “It was both an opportunity to help document a¬†great event and cause as well as to meet some of the naturalists/conservationists that really inspire me.” Nic says the team was fortunate enough to see (amongst other game) a leopard and also some lions. Many thanks to Nic for providing these wonderful photographs!

The Tracks of Giants crew teams up with the Duma Tau staff for a quick group shot on the floodplain of the Linyanti Swamps.

Ian manages to make a logistics call while one of the local giants, George, watches from a mere 5m

Last checks before the departure

Ian & Ian ready to set out on the kayaks

Last visual of the team as they head out of the Linyanti before entering the Savuti channel where they will continue their journey east

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