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A heartwarming email exchange from Sharon McCallum

A heartwarming email exchange from Sharon McCallum

Sharon: In response to an email enquiry from a Lewis Mangaba about Ian McCallum’s books on 30 May 2012, and my reply enquiring which book he wanted, on the same day Lewis came back with :

“…. I want to purchase the Ecological Intelligence. I am from Zimbabwe and have no access to such library.  I was in SA the beginning of the year but could not find it in bookshops. How much would it be the book and the shipment to Zimbabwe”.

I responded with : “Ok Lewis – I have another idea.  My husband is on an expedition that is going across six southern African countries, one of which is Zimbabwe – which will be in early July.I am travelling up to join him for ten days on the 24th June – so can take a copy of Ecological Intelligence with me and give it to him, and he can give it to a friend in Vic Falls to post to you in Zimbabwe

How does that sound to you?   I think that will be much safer than Sending from here by post. What is your address and where do you live??  Price – it will be my (and my husband’s) gift to you for going to this trouble.”

On the same day, an excited Lewis wrote back : You know what Sharon. I was reading on the website of Great Guides and said to myself How can i meet this Extraordinary man when he gets to Zimbabwe. Cause the Web said he is going through Hwange. I was Guiding in Hwange National Park for Fourteen years.I have Meet Ian Michler at Little Makalolo(Wilderness Safaris)in Hwange National Park and said this is the time to meet Ian McCallum.  Is it possible to meet him when he come to Zimbabwe.

I live in Victoria Falls town. My Cell no is __________. What is the Name of your Friend in Victoria Falls?

This is great news for me. From the bottom of my heart i thank you so much.  May God bless you and all the great work you doing. According to the Expedition which dates are you in Victoria Falls.  Let me hear from you

Then minutes later, Lewis :
Got so excited. My House number is:  House no ____, Chinotimba Township, Victoria Falls .  Have a blessed day

My response included detailed answers to his questions and advising him when the expedition team was expected in Vic. Falls.

In response to an email requesting that he attend a mini-conference arranged at Toka Leya, I replied that it may not be possible as already full.

4 June :   Lewis : Thank you so much Sharon.  I do understand.It is only that i thought this is the time and was running and hoping like a little baby. I am sure  there is going to be some other time in the future. Relaxed Thank you all the same for the book.

Sharon: After the walk in Chobe and chatting to Ian, I advised Lewis that if he could get to Toka Leya, he was welcome, otherwise we would give the book to our friend to post to him. I received the following ecstatic reply :

Lewis: I am really imagining the great rush  of pleasure walking with great man in such Pristine and untamed Wilderness.  Those are the great moment that you always look back and cherish over many years to came.

I appreciate much that Ian has allowed me the opportunity to meet him. I am sparing this day with every gram of my will. I would make my way to Toka leya on the 11th.

Appreciate all the time and effort in writing to me, Talking to Ian and carrying  the Book

AND AFTER THE MEETING ON 13 July, this arrived from Lewis :

Subject: Happiest Man on Earth

This mail is being wrote full of joy and happiness. Been many years i felt the way i did when Ian handed the Book to me.

Got some fantastic Photos with the Big man. I think that even Ian will admit with me that it might be in a few moments he has seen a man so lighted in spirit the way i was.

It opened my eyes into the man’s great work. I know a few man who had such dreams and aspiration for Africa and the generations of Mankind.  I felt honoured honestly

Thank you so much for making all this possible. I am going to make a difference in my people.

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